Senior Client Advisor
Portland, OR/

Vince joins ASI as a Senior Client Advisor.  Vince’s mission throughout his career has always been to be a client advocate in all areas of wealth management and their financial lives.

Vince partners with clients and listens to them, leading to discovery and definition of the broad themes most important in their financial lives.  This includes:

  • Designing tailored financial planning and investment management solutions
  • Executing and implementing the overall investment plan with a goal of simplifying clients’ financial lives while providing detailed investment oversight
  • Ongoing management of a clients’ plans and partnering with other legal and accounting professionals in their lives.  The goal is achieving complex wealth management solutions – SIMPLIFIED.

A Portland native, Vince earned his Business Management degree from Portland State University.  Prior to joining ASI, Vince’s 30 years of financial services includes expertise and managing director roles at regional and national investment firms focusing on wealth management, investment advisory leadership and consulting, family office and mergers & acquisitions. Vince was recognized multiple times throughout his career including partnering with several Charles Schwab executives to develop and consolidate one of the largest asset conversions at Schwab during his tenure with them.

In his spare time, Vince can be found exploring the NW, enjoying live concerts, and honing his efforts at capturing that perfect concert photo.